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The DBX platform gladly welcomes the developers who wish to build their blockchain application on the base of the DBX Smart Network. While the blockchain gives to the developer an endless list of opportunities in the creation process, the DBX is ready to present its platform to those who are ready for the changes and new accomplishments.

This page will serve navigational purposes while getting acquainted with the main services that DBX Smart Network is ready to present. All the materials presented may help you with a basic understanding of what to start with when setting the DBX blockchain as the foundation for your future creations. In case of any inconvenience, you can always ask for help on the technical support page.

If you have already tried development on the Ethereum blockchain, then the main tools for operation may seem familiar, as they include:

Before getting started, feel free to enter the thematic communities or ask for a bit of advice from the experienced developers, as there are many hidden obstacles that are difficult to notice from the start, like:

  • constant move of the sources – there may appear many code repositories, "Not Found" errors on the websites offering documentation or no basis to work with, as you continue to emerge into developing;
  • occasional need to gather a team for cooperation – not everything in the theory may be easy to practice, so there should be the possibility of being able to communicate with other developers;
  • need to share – in order for successful information exchange, you should be ready to give something in return for help, making the process fair and mutually beneficial.